In 1947 a brave little dog called Ricky was awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery – one of the first of now 26 dogs to receive this prestigious award.

Food shortages in 1941 forced Ricky’s owner to offer his services to the army. This is actually how Ricky’s army career started. He was accepted, passed his tests with flying colours and was drafted into the British Army “sapper” division concerned with mine detection and removal. Ricky and his handler, Maurice Yielding, were wounded by an exploding mine and the dog led his way back through the minefield and led medics to his wounded handler. Ricky’s keen nose succeeded when minesweepers failed to detect landmines housed in Perspex! It is this sort of commitment that has solicited our response towards keeping pets safe and healthy. Completely natural, Buchu is the unsung hero of the Cape Kingdom promise to keep your pet healthy – the natural way.